Chose The Right Website Hosting Service For Your Requirements

Free Hosting

Free Web Hosting Solutions

Lots of free web hosting providers disallow the use of their free-of-charge website hosting packages just for file or image hosting purposes and the use of traffic for inline linking purposes.


Free Hositng

The greatest strength is that you get a top free hosting service - this would eliminate costs associated with managing a personal website, a weblog, a forum, or even a small company web page.


Free Web Hosting

If you are using a free hosting service, there are more restrictions than if you were paying for the web site hosting. The web hosting server hard disk storage space and bandwidth usage quotas.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting

This is one of the most popular domain names in the Internet. The transfer procedure is relatevly easy and quick. You will receive a quality, fast and more importantly cheap .COM Domain Transfer.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers give you freedom to perform everything without intervening with anyone else.If your corporation has a data-heavy website, or a special server setup requirements, the proper option would be a dedicated hosting.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Some web space hosting providers also provide an extra paid administration service, whereby the company's sysadmins will support you with any predicament that you may encounter with your dedicated web hosting server.


Free Domain Names

Register a Domain

I had it all planned out in my head. I got a web design and website content strategy, I knew that I needed a Linux-based hosting solution and that I needed to register a domain name.


.NET Domain

These days, .NET is the third most famous domain extension on the World Wide Web, right after .COM and .DE. And with NTC Hosting, you can register a .NET domain name at a reasonable price.



Best quality website hosting services for ORG Top Level Domains (TLDs) at budget prices. Affordably priced .ORG Top Level Domain Names (TLDs): just $10.00 per year.


Virtual Hosting

Virtual Private Server

Each account is isolated from the remaining accounts on the hosting server, so each private virtual server can run its own Operating System and be rebooted independently from the others.


What Is VPS Hosting

One of the positive aspects of administering a virtual private server is that specific CP tools include a reseller level of administration, so you can create and sell hosting plans.


How Does a VPS Work

Given virtual private hosting servers do not provide full root access to the customer, but are administered by the hosting service provider. This is the so-called managed hosting solution.


Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Đ¢here are a lot of means of gaining money on the Internet one of them is to resell the web hosting solutions supplied by a hosting solutions provider.This provides endless options for everyone who desires to make extra profit.


Cloud Website Hosting Reseller

Other reseller site hosting marketing establishments out there require the reseller to first buy the service and to pay monthly or annual subscription fees regardless of whether the reseller has made any bargains or not.


How Does Reseller Hosting Function

When picking a web site hosting package, it's always preferable to settle on an experienced hosting firm, which has been in business for a few years, and which provides hosting accounts around the world.


Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The top free web hosting companies normally provide free customer support even to the free hosting users, since they want their web sites to enlarge so that they eventually migrate to a paid hosting account, which offers more webspace hosting resources. Such firm, for example, is Freehostia.


Affordable Web Hosting

ResellersPanel does not demand any monthly or annual part payments. Other reseller site hosting marketing establishments out there will require the reseller to first buy the service and to pay monthly or annual subscription fees regardless of whether the reseller has made any bargains or not.


Reliable Web Hosting

Obtaining timely aid is very often essential, especially if your site is highly visited or you trade commodities and services over the Internet, so you can't afford to suffer any service outages. The reseller may need to reach the hosting vendor after that, which suggests an even more prolonged network outage.